Lucas Archery                 Licensed Hoyt and Elite Dealer

2571 Highway DD, Moberly, Mo. 65270                        Owned and operated by Gary Lucas

Call us at (660) 263 - 5188     

 Contact us at (660) 263 - 5188 



Results to our Compound Shootout and our 1st Cub Compound Shootout are as follow:

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Adult Compound Shootout                  Cub Compound Shootout

    1st - Hunter Gwinner                                               1st - Hunter Boots

    2nd - Doug Walker                                                  2nd - Isaac Bohm

    3rd - Steve Berhorst                                                3rd - Carter Ross

    4th - Adrian Albright                                                4th - Bailyn Halley

    5th - Bill Flippin                                                       5th - Carter Peck

    6th - Shannon Ryan                                                 6th - Charlie Gibbs

    7th - Garrett Peck                                                     7th - Allen Warren

    8th - Jerry Adams                                                    

    9th - Jim Washam

    10th - Joey Gibbs

    11th - Gary Lucas

    12th - Julie Smith

    13th - Larry Jackson

    14th - Jason Peck

    15th - Ryan Schaefer

     16th - Matt Warren

     17th - Lyle Seals

     18th - Mike Smith

     19th - Monte Ryan

     20th - Chris Ryan